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NOTICE: NMFTA systems will be undergoing routine maintenance on Friday June 22, starting at 11:00 PM EST until 5 AM EST the following morning. Please note that ClassIT and other subscription products should not have any downtime as they will automatically be redirected to our backup site during the maintenance.

NOTE: While we do not expect any downtime of our subscription products associated with this maintenance, in case of an unexpected event please use our backup sites directly, i.e. https://classit2.nmfta.org, https://mobi2.nmfta.org, https://scaconline2.nmfta.org, https://secure2.nmfta.org, and https://splc2.nmfta.org.

Privacy Policy Update - Please note that we have updated the privacy policy for our sites, services, and products. Please see http://www.nmfta.org/pages/privacyPolicy for more information.